The Complete Bent (or very nearly)!

Offered below is a bibliography listing over 150 of Theodore Bent’s papers, articles, and lectures through a period of around twenty years, before his early death (aged 45) in 1897.

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Theodore Bent’s Articles, Books and Papers (prepared in 2010, updated 2019)

Theodore’s bibliography contains over 150 articles and contributions to magazines and journals – most of which are relatively easy to trace and access on-line from a number of specialist sites. The young author’s rather unfocused interests in European history are reflected in his early writings, but his annus mirabilis may be said to have been 1884, after which, following his work in the Cyclades, he launched himself on a career of archaeological and ethnographical explorations that his wife was to record in her Chronicles. From the mid-1890s Theodore’s travel, lecturing and monograph-writing commitments obliged him to cut back on his publication of articles and papers.

The bibliography that follows (2010, updated 2019) does not claim to be exhaustive, but will represent the majority of his (non-book) writings (for Bent’s books click here). He frequently allowed the ‘syndication’ of his articles, in particular to the popular US magazine Littell’s Living Age, and, where known, this has been added to the bibliographical information here.

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It is 1879, Bent is 27, married two years, and his first monograph has just appeared, now read on…




















Posthumous (prepared by Mabel Bent from her Chronicles and Theodore’s material)



“Southern Arabia” (Theodore and Mabel Bent). London, Smith, Elder and Co.

Mabel’s three other books

A Patience Pocket Book, plainly printed, put together by Mrs Theodore Bent”, Bristol: J. W. Arrowsmith, 1903/4.

Anglo-Saxons from Palestine, or, The imperial mystery of the lost tribes”, London : Sherrat & Hughes, 1908.

“The Garden Tomb, Golgotha and the Garden of Resurrection”, (with Arthur William Crawley-Boevey and Miss Hussey (c. 1920, Jerusalem: Committee of the Garden Tomb Maintenance Fund).

Other related material 


Two Months in Sokotra (by Ernest N. Bennett). Longman’s Magazine. v. 30 (May-Oct. 1897), pp. 405-413. [Bennett was the Bents’ ‘paying guest’ on this trip (early 1897, and Bent’s last), and his account, although in part unpleasant in today’s terms, is of value.]