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Area of Mount Petalos, Ándros, The Cyclades
Area of Mount Petalos, Ándros, The Cyclades

“Luckily it was a lovely day, for we had to cross over fields of snow and streams still hard with ice, and when we had crossed over Mount Petalos we were once more in paradise, that is to say in Lamyra, one of those enchanting villages on the southern slopes of Mount Petalos, just above the town.

Olive trees of huge girth and tall cypresses shaded our path, garden after garden of lemon trees, laden with their yellow fruit, so closely packed together that the paths between them are not wide enough for two laden mules to pass: and through this clustering foliage you dimly see the bluish mountains across the vale, and the still
bluer sea beyond…”

And in this happy fashion the Bents discover out-of-the-way Andros, in the Cyclades, in 1883/4.

Select opportunities exist, of course, for local Bent experts (through hotels, walking holidays, and other agencies) to offer various types of guided tours to ‘xeni’ on all the isles of the Cyclades – all the year round.

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